Last Month in DiEM25: March 2021

External Actions

Last month: 

The Progressive International released ‘COVID-19: A Year On’.

CC member Fotini Bakadima made a statement on behalf of DiEM25 and the Progressive International on the prosecution of HDP politicians in Turkey. Istanbul 2 DSC also emitted a statement on ‘Democratic decay and uncertainty in Turkey’.

James K. Galbraith and David Adler tackled all your burning Green New Deal questions on DiEM TV.

Yanis Varoufakis called out Mario Draghi’s outrageous deployment of McKinsey.

The Green New Deal for Europe took part in a Digital Global Climate Strike with a tweet-storm.  DiEM25 activists, supporters and followers flooded the European Parliament with green transition proposals, and we’ve collectively reached more than 15.6 million people in just one day! See the results on GNDE Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts!

Gender 1 DSC published articles throughout International Women’s Month.

The movement’s arts and culture platform DiEM Voice held an open call on the theme of Julian Assange and his liberation, which is now closed. The team is reviewing your submissions! You will be able to see the exhibition on Voice’s new website, launching mid April. More news on this coming very soon!

Our Campaign Accelerator project selected three new initiatives; including a campaign to save the cliffs in the Algarve from being privatised, and to save Plečnik Stadium of Ljubljana.

The Rentvolution! campaign led by our members across Europe continues on! This is an urgent matter due to another wave of lockdowns spreading throughout Europe.

People’s Gatherings were hosted in Serbia, Brussels, and Amsterdam — to name a few. Are you a DiEMer in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania or Slovakia? Tell us what issues matter to you!

Internal Actions

We are creating Provisional National Collectives (PNC) for countries that did not meet the eligibility criteria for National Collective elections. Candidacies for France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey and the Czech Republic are still open, but should happen as fast as possible via [email protected].

We welcome two new DSCs in countries where we haven’t had one: The Vilnius 1 DSC, our first DiEM25 activist group in Lithuania and the Tel Aviv 1 DSC, the first ever established in Israel!

Learn about what DiEM25 members are doing… and how you can get involved. Monthly coordination calls are being organised by the CC with members from all corners of Europe! During these calls we focus on the two big pan-European initiatives of the CC, namely the Campaign Accelerator and the Peoples’ Gatherings.

Here is the schedule for the calls, we hope to see you in one of them, soon (please keep the days in mind, as these calls will recur first and second Wednesday of each month, using the same link): Register for your call through our calendar!

Our Green New Deal for Europe team has established regular bi-weekly meetings, every other Thursday at 6PM CET. Join our next one!

This Month in DiEM25: April!

People’s Gatherings offers our grassroots members the tools to discuss the issues relevant to their communities. Become a Gatherings organiser today and play your part in shaping our national political programmes! Download the questionnaires ad People’s Gathering Pack on the page to host your own Gathering, and attend our biweekly open call if you have any questions!

The Green New Deal for Europe campaign is restructuring and taking up speed again. With the new strategy, actions and goals we are heading towards a just and sustainable Europe! We need you to get involved, so reach out to us at [email protected]!

DiEM Voice is relaunching! In two weeks time, our website and the “Raise your Voice for Assange” online exhibition will go live! We are also hosting a People’s Gathering in Portugal on the arts and culture sector after COVID19 on 15 April at 19:00 CET (register here). Last but not least, DiEM Voice is also launching its first task force: a graphic designers team that will support DiEM25 groups to find the creative support they need for their actions!

If you wish to send a point to be included in the next newsletter, or want to help to draft it, please contact us at [email protected]

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