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Parties for the 1%, tight rules for the 99% – Boris Johnson and the Tories’ double standards


'The 1% do as they wish while the 99% suffer as they must' seems to be the new slogan of the Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson.

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Greek government’s market fundamentalism undermines Greece’s vaccination drive


Market fundamentalism is pushing the Mitsotakis government to adopt a measure that undermines its own vaccination drive.

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Last Month in DiEM25: March 2021


Now, more than ever, we need a strong, capable movement to push ahead our common-sense agenda for Europe and its people.

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The grassroots battle to eliminate COVID: an interview with Vicky van der Togt


There’s a vast, well-organised international grassroots effort to address the gaps in our governments’ response to COVID-19.

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COVID-19: A Year On


Since the anniversary of COVID-19, the Progressive International have been writing a ‘Manifesto for Human Life’. Join us.

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A vaccine apartheid is unfolding across the globe


The COVID-19 vaccine should be a public good -- but instead, a global vaccine apartheid is unfolding. 

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Free vaccines for everyone


We call upon European progressives to join us in a campaign to transform property rights over life-saving vaccines and medicines.

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The state of our unions in the UK


Amidst Brexit and COVID-19, our unions are more important than ever in order to fight 'fire and rehire' schemes and eroding worker protections.

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DiEM25 in Germany: Retrospection on an unusual year


For the German DiEM25 landscape, 2020 brought considerable change to our activist endeavours and electoral wing.

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