Confront power in your community. Make change happen.

Campaign Accelerator is a project where we support individual activists to make targeted campaigns on local issues they feel passionate about.

How does it work?

Campaign Accelerator is open to all members of DiEM25. (Not a member yet? Sign up!)

This project runs in cycles. Check back here for news of the next Campaign Accelerator round.

Step 1: Tell us about a local issue that outrages you

You’ll need to: outline your issue, describe your ideas on how to address it, and say how much time you can spend on it.  Apply here!

To be eligible for entry, here are the criteria:

  • We’re looking for submissions from individuals — not campaigns that are already running, organised etc.
  • We can only accept submissions in English. And please write in a way your grandmother could understand — use Hemingway to simplify it. No essays please 🙂
  • What do we mean by local issue? A factory in your area that’s failing to protect its workers. A corruption story. Or a disastrous construction project that’s being planned near you. Something that makes you mad!

The key is: pick a local issue that you can make progress on in the short term. Because the goal here is for you to develop a campaign that can have an impact — even a small one!

Previous submissions we selected were: an initiative to block the construction of Yet Another Mall in Porto, and a push to stop arms companies running schools in a region in the UK.

Again, the mantra is: Keep it local. Have a clear target (person or organisation). Scale it down. Pick something you could make progress on in the short term.

(Still wondering? Mail us!)

Step 2: We choose the three most viable issues, and help you prepare a mini-campaign around them

We’ll go through all the submissions and choose the three most viable ones.

If we select your issue, we’ll help turn your ideas into a targeted mini-campaign, that could hit power where it hurts.

We’ll develop a short plan for the campaign with you, and supply it with the resources it needs to go live. That could be PR support, copywriting, graphics or other materials.

Step 3: Your campaign goes live

We’ll then help you launch your campaign, promoting it on our channels. While you’ll run your campaign and we remain on hand to support you.

At the end of the cycle, we’ll look together at how the campaign went, and see how you could tweak it. Our participation will then end, while you run your campaign… and (hopefully) achieve impact!

Previous campaigns we’ve helped develop

So far, as well as helping dozens of activists with one-off advice on mounting their own campaigns, we supported:

Got questions?

Mail us and we’ll help you out.