Last Month in DiEM: May — and what’s coming up next

Residents of Jaffa protesting on May 15, 2021. ©Ap Photo/Heidi Levine

In light of recent, all-too-familiar developments in Israel-Palestine, the Coordinating Collective (CC) has concluded that DiEM25 can no longer postpone the adoption of an official position on Israel/Palestine. Which is why DiEM25 launched an All-Member Vote on this topic. Results to be announced soon!

What we did in May!

  • What Europe Must Now Do, DiEM25’s Progressive European Policy Agenda for the 2020s 
    DiEM25 members have voted for What Europe Must Now Do, DiEM25’s Progressive European Policy Agenda for the 2020s. Our Agenda comprises policies drawn from DiEM25’s comprehensive Green New Deal for Europe as well as policy initiatives honed at the outset of the 2020 pandemic. Check the results here
  • People’s Gatherings
    DiEM25 Turkey hosted a Gathering on Culture! You can see the replay here. Belgian DiEMers talked about healthcare and how to make it a fairer and affordable system for everyone! On June 10 at 20:00 CEST, they’ll be tackling foreign policy. Sign up to the event in DutchEnglish or French. DiEM25 Romania has been working hard on developing its own national questionnaire! It will be published soon. If you’d like to organise a Gathering tackling Romanian questions, let us know here.
  • META Launch
    DiEM25 and MeRA25’s Centre for Postcapitalist Civilisation was introduced to the public and press, presenting its aims and its activities. Through Research, Art, Argument and Poem, mέta is working for a rupture from our grim present – a feat that presupposes a capacity to perceive and imagine the world anew. The centre is an initiative of MERA25 in partnership with DiEM25 and the Progressive International. To find out more, please visit META’s websiteYouTube and Facebook.
  • ‘Tell us your story’ campaign
    DiEM Voice and the Green New Deal for Europe launched the “Tell us your story” campaign. We invite you to participate by telling us your story in a short video and expose the real problems you are facing in your life: jobs, housing, healthcare, the prospect of the so-called “green” transition that leaves many citizens in our societies behind, but also environmental pollution and climate problems which are rising exponentially. Read more

New articles to sharpen your activist skills

Grassroots activists looking to become more effective, take note! We have published a series of articles on how to improve your activist credentials. Starting with: a guide on how to build a team of activists in a pandemic, and a 15-minute behind-the-scenes video (and article) on our successful Campaign Accelerator-powered action to save a piece of Portugal’s natural beauty.

Join our meetings!

Join us to know how to get involved! In our meetings, you will get to know the team behind DiEM25, find out what has brought us all together and how we can get engaged in our movement – and have an impact! The meetings are open to all DiEM25 Members and serve different purposes. Please visit our daily-updated calendar to learn about our upcoming DiEM25 monthly meetings

  • Onboarding Meeting to new members
    3d Wednesday of the month at 7 PM CEST
  • DSC Coordination Meeting to those who are part of a local group or want to start one
    4th Wednesday of the month at 7 PM CEST:

Register for these calls through our calendar!

What we will do in June!

  • Join People’s Gatherings and shape DiEM25’s political manifesto in your country!
    Have a look at DiEM25’s events page to join Gatherings near you. Is nothing happening where you live? No problem! Any DiEMer can be a Gathering organiser – find out how during our bi-weekly open calls. DiEM25 Austria is looking for DiEMers to help develop its People’s Gatherings questionnaire. Let us know at [email protected] if you’d like to help out!
  • DiEM Voice is on the move
    DiEM Voice has launched a Design team where members with creative skills can help other members and groups create graphics and videos to support their campaigns and events. Please contact us if you want to be part of the team or if you need any support for your initiative: [email protected]. Voice is also preparing the launch of a brand-new Arts and Culture Thematic DSC, to start the discussion about a future cultural policy for DiEM25.
  • “Anything to say?” exhibition opened on Saturday, June 5, in Geneva!
    If you live in Geneva, you might have seen the exhibition “Anything to say?” by sculptor and DiEM25 member Davide Dormino. The exhibition took place on Saturday, June 5 at 11 AM, at the Pâquis Pier, in front of the Geneva Jet d’eau. Throughout the day, the public were able to show their solidarity and take turns in standing on the statues. Davide Dormino has also participated in DiEM Voice’s “Raise your voice for Assange” exhibition.
  • Green New Deal for Europe is underway!
    The Green New Deal for Europe is going to be revised! As a very first step towards the 3rd revision of our political agenda “Blueprint for Europe’s Just Transition”, we’ve decided to identify and fill in the gaps of the policy paper through the formation of new Thematic DSCs! Soon we will also call for the formation of the Policy Taskforce, so make sure you follow our Forum and MatterMost channels. With the new strategy, actions and goals we are heading towards a just and sustainable Europe! But we need you to get involved, so reach out to us at [email protected]!

DiEM25 in Germany has an Electoral Wing!

DiEM25 in Germany is building its Electoral Wing and writing a DiEM25 manifesto for the country!


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