DiEM25 launches new political party in Germany: MERA25 — with Julijana Zita and Yanis Varoufakis [video]

The MERA25 family is growing!

Last month, on November 13, we launched MERA25 in Germany, our German political party. In Greece, our sister party MERA25 is already in parliament.

Now MERA25 also exists in Germany. Because there is no conflict between Greeks and Germans, but a conflict between people at the top and at the bottom.

On one side, people in Germany, Greece and other countries who suffer from injustice and irresponsibility. And on the other, those who profit from injustice and irresponsibility.

MERA25 stands against exploitation, against irresponsibility and against the rule of the few. MERA25 is a new, rebellious party that will run in state and federal elections, and of course in the next European elections!

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You can watch the full video of the launch below. The event was held in German, with the exception of a speech by Yanis Varoufakis in English. Click ‘CC’ to enable English or German subtitles.

We presented 11 goals from our rebellious agenda for Germany:

  • Abolish the German debt brake
  • A Green New Deal
  • An unconditional pension guarantee
  • A vaccination offer for the entire world population
  • Abolish Frontex
  • More money for social and service professions
  • Introduce the four-day week
  • A job guarantee
  • An unconditional basic dividend
  • Municipalise large real estate companies
  • A constituent assembly for Europe

Or in the words of our chairperson Julijana Zita:
“It’s time for a future without having to worry about rent and money all the time, without having to live paycheck to paycheck, and where our children will have equal freedom.”

The presentation of our rebellious agenda for German was followed by a speech by DiEM25 co-founder and MERA25 leader (Greece), Yanis Varoufakis.

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