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DiEM25 launches new political party in Germany: MERA25 — with Julijana Zita and Yanis Varoufakis [video]


Last month we launched MERA25 in Berlin, our German political party. Watch the video of the launch, with Julijana Zita and Yanis Varoufakis.

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The DiEM25 Summer Festival 2020: Political organisation in Germany during the pandemic


DiEMers met in Berlin for the DiEM25 Summer Festival 2020 -- the yearly German-speaking reunion of the movement.

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Berlin Diaries: “Abnormal Normality”


This barbaric and destructive 'old normality’ imposed by the neoliberal establishment should be urgently challenged by progressive political voices.

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The brutal peak of the anti-Semitic iceberg


The European left has to firmly stand in solidarity with Jewish communities

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Kasia and Elisa aus dem Bundeskollektiv, Foto: Marcin Gajewski

Defend Afrin – we shall overcome!


  Afrin, you are more than just the horrible pictures of wounded men and women and children that make me cry.

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Right to the city – DiEM-Lab #1


Since 2008 more people on earth are living in cities than in the country. Until 2030 there will be 5 billion people in cities. Therefor ...

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DiEM25 returns to Berlin

DiEM25 returns to Berlin to develop its political roadmap


This week in Berlin, we shall answer an important question: How can we take our European New Deal to the ballot box in every corner of Europe, ...

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Change from below – City for everybody


In Berlin a broad alliance of local initiatives takes to the streets for social housing and self-determined organisation of the city by its ...

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