Europe will be democratised, once the oligarchy is overthrown!

Europe is ruled by oligarchs. They own the apartments we live in, the banks that keep our money, the vaccines that save our lives, the apps we need to work, the data these apps collect about us, the oil and gas that heat up our planet – and, more importantly, they own the politicians that were supposed to defend us against them. They are the result of a terrible system in which the rich are allowed to do whatever they like, while common people pay for when “whatever they like” doesn’t work out.

They pretend to care about democracy, but behind the scenes they use all their power and influence to make sure you have no say in how they do things. The nightmare of all oligarchs is real democracy.

There is only one way to break with this: a democratic revolution!

We can defeat them, and we will not stop until our vision of a deep democracy spreads into the corporate system, our economy, our local councils, our parliaments and all our institutions.

The day is ours. Join us in that fight.

Our vision

Assicurare la solidarietà internazionale e la pace

Un nuovo sistema per l’accoglienza e per una nuova società in Italia e nel mondo. Porre fine al ruolo dell'Europa nei conflitti violenti e nello sfruttamento.

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Democratizzare l’Europa e costruire il futuro dei diritti in Italia

Riprendere il controllo dell'Unione europea dai suoi governanti e proteggere i diritti fondamentali di tutti i cittadini.

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Costruire Progresso Verde e sostenibile

Guidare la transizione ecologica dell'Italia e garantire che i vantaggi dell'economia verde siano condivisi da tutti.

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Combattere povertà e sfruttamento

Garantire un lavoro decente e un tenore di vita dignitoso a tutti i cittadini.

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How we’ll get it done

We commit to establishing alliances with anyone who shares our method of constructive disobedience for building real democracy everywhere. We’ll do this in every neighbourhood, workplace, city and region.

But, to change Europe, we must also change the governments serving the oligarchy’s interests. Where it is needed, we will set up our own political party to contest key elections – these parties are united under our principles and values and all share the same name: MERA25, two of which currently exist in Greece and in Germany. Elsewhere, we will take part in electoral alliances consistent with our manifesto.

Our program will rely on our medium-term policy agenda – the Green New Deal for Europe – as well as on our longer-term vision of a democratic, ecological, feminist, peaceful, non-exploitative system that is free of capitalist bosses, unelected state bureaucrats and any tendency to colonise.