The results are in: here’s who was elected to lead our movement

The results of the 2019 CC elections are in!
DiEM25 members from across Europe and beyond have voted, and our renewed Coordinating Collective (CC) has emerged.
Meet the women (8) and men (4) chosen to guide our movement in the months ahead!
The results:
Yanis Varoufakis ♂ – 2802 (78%)

I am a co-founder of DiEM25 and member of the CC since its inception. It has been a long, winding but magnificent road. We had successes, failures, heart-breaking moments and moments of pure elation. Now, DiEM25 is more necessary than ever. Onwards!
Srećko Horvat ♂ – 1919 (53%)

I’ve been involved in DiEM25 since its foundation in February 2016. Together we have built a serious organisation and broad movement which not only has a growing membership, but a significant presence in Europe and beyond. Beside being part of the Coordinating Collective for the last three years, I’ve been organising and coordinating NCs, working with hundreds of members and activists, working on various campaigns (Julian Assange, Green New Deal, Progressive International, etc) and major events (Berlin, Vienna, Brussels, etc), including running as an MEP candidate for the last European elections in Germany, which was a quite important and fun experience.
Gianna Merki ♀ – 1329 (37%)

I have been actively involved in DiEM25 since March 2016 and have been an elected member of the CC for the past two years – where I gained very valuable experience on a personal, organisational and political level.  I like to work in/with teams and make decisions collectively. I decided to run for the CC again as I would like to continue focusing on movement building and improving the structures, trying to make the best out of all the resources we have.  My priority is therefore to continue building relations, facilitating, supporting the creation of teams, networks, contact points for a smoother dialogue and collaboration.
Simona Ferlini ♀ – 1263 (35%)

I joined DiEM25 in the spring of 2016, and soon became a member of the Translators Team, which still I am. In 2017 I was elected member of the first Italian NC, in the territory and organisation task force. In this capacity, I helped to grow new DSCs and to strengthen their connections, travelling throughout Italy and talking to people of our Manifesto, our Progressive Agenda, our GND, and of how DiEM25 works. I cared for Members’ empowerment and participation, and supported the DSCs of Turin 1 and Genoa 1, in connection with the French National Collective, in organising our participation in the transnational anti-borders events of Bardonecchia and Ventimiglia of summer 2018.
Erik Edman ♂ – 1183 (33%)

I started off my DiEM25 journey as a grassroots member in Belgium, where I helped set-up Brussels 1 DSC in 2016. Given Brussels’ political importance as the heart of the EU, we decided to organise a large DiEM25 event there called “The Real State of the Union”, which I coordinated. We also organised bi-weekly political meetings in Brussels, as well as other initiatives to introduce people to the movement. This effort was consolidated through the establishment of the Belgian National Collective, to which I was elected in 2017.  In the same year, I was also asked to assist in the pan-European coordination of the movement as an ex officio member of the Coordinating Collective. When the membership voted for Electoral Wings around Europe I decided to quit my job in Brussels and join the MeRA25 team as its Campaign Manager. I also ran as a candidate for the party in both the European and National elections.
Daniela Platsch ♀ – 1163 (32%)

When I first heard of its launch in 2016, I instantly booked a ticket to Berlin. A truly transnational movement to democratize Europe? Count me in. When I left Volksbühne that night I felt angry and betrayed. It seemed as if hundreds of people from all over Europe had gathered for nothing. The idea was still noble but it didn’t sound as if there was a plan. DiEM25 should grow through a network of spontaneous collectives that would come to life by the self-organisation of individuals. Who would ever believe that this can work? This spring, I participated in the German Electoral Wing “Demokratie in Europa – DiEM25”. Hardly three years later, I have found myself speechless towards the achievements of DiEM25. As a candidate, I was privileged to meet many people behind DiEM25’s success in person. People who tirelessly organise local events. People who coordinate campaigns across borders. People who inspire others to be brave and speak up. There are more than 100.000 people who do their part and everyone is organising for the same reason as in the beginning: to democratise Europe before it falls apart.
Ivana Nenadovic ♀ – 1153 (32%)

I’ve been a member of DiEM25 since April 2016 and a DSC Belgrade’s Coordinator since May 2016. I’ve been both an ex officio and an elected member of the CC for the past two years, engaged in organisation of the events, and in September 2018 I’ve been appointed as a DiEM’s Financial Coordinator. Together with my DSC comrades, or as a member of the CC, I participated in a number of DiEM25 events and workshops, from ‘Time of Courage’ in Rome, in March 2017 to European Spring launch in BOZAR, in March 2019. I was the main organiser of DiEM Academy in Belgrade and, for the next editions, I worked together with the teams in Cologne and Lisbon. As I believe that DiEM Academies were a success and that they are a very important tool for connecting the grassroots, exchanging the ideas and making the action plans, I would like to continue the work I’ve been doing, bringing the Academies to another level.
Renata Avila ♀ – 1145 (31%)

I signed the initial manifesto of DiEM25. I am among its founding members. I have participated in different activities and initiatives of it, investing time, effort and enthusiasm in activities related to the Tech Pillar, in publications and also dialogues and training processes taking place in Berlin, Hamburg, Warsaw, Belgrade and beyond. I am the co-convener of the Progressive International and also an advisor to the Green New Deal in Europe. I do not hold a European Passport, but a Guatemalan passport, I think it is great you have allocated trust in me to help shape the future in Europe, serving as a member of the Coordinating Collective for two periods. This will be my last period if elected.
Síssy Velissaríou ♀ – 1116 (31%)

I stood as a candidate for MERA25 in the national elections. I have participated in the politics of the Left for 25 years. From 2000 until 2015 I was a member of the Central Committee of the Coalition of the Left (SYNASPISMOS) and SYRIZA which I left after the Referendum of 2015 that turned No into Yes. Along with other comrades who had also left SYRIZA we formed a small group but I realised that the malaise of leftist forms of organisation is reproduced even on a small scale. I joined DIEM25 for two main reasons: 1. because I am deeply convinced that the European malaise (debt, austerity, bureaucratic oligarchy, absence of democracy) can only be cured on a pan-European level through the mobilisation and participation of the European peoples. 2. because I am convinced that it offers groundbreaking, transparent forms of organisation, decision-making and participation, which challenge the strict hierarchies, centralisation and repression of dissident voices that characterise received types of party function and politics.
Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk ♀ – 1107 (30%)

I have been a DiEM25 member since 2017. At the time I was also a member of the Executive Board of the Polish party Razem (I left both the Board and the party last February). Through my political involvement I met members of DiEM25;s CC. From the very beginning of my engagement in DiEN25 I put all my best efforts to be the voice for women’s rights. I urged DiEM25 to further the efforts in the area of women’s political representation. That was also the topic of my first public speech during the DiEM25 Rome event, when the European New Deal was presented. I strongly believe in women’s leadership, representation and political participation. I want to – and will – promote it in every organisation I will be involved in. Since March 2018 I was involved in creating European Spring, the first paneuropean, transnational list for the European elections in 2019. I co-chaired European Spring until last February. Even though the election results came short of our expectations, I strongly believe that international, political, and organisational cooperation of grass-root, progressive, feminist, ecological, and leftist movements is crucial to successfully fight for socially just, fascism-free, sustainable Europe. I want to help DiEM25 become the platform for such cooperation.
Mame Faye-Rexhepi ♀ – 1095 (30%)

I started following Yanis’ work whilst in London, after being inspired by the unusual integrity demonstrated by him during the Greece-EU stand off. After living a few years in Berlin I reached out to the Berlin DSC; and having found a group of like-minded people with lots of hope for the future, despite the depressing political climate, I quickly became more active, mostly in the DiEM25 Berlin women* group. With a group of Berlin DSC members, I planned, organised and moderated a pilot citizens’ assembly, as part of the European May campaign. I also noticed and brought to the attention of the Berlin DSC, an omission in the European Spring manifesto (to explicitly denounce racism) and with the support of the women* group I pursued this matter, working together with the German electoral campaign team, and the CC, to collectively found a solution. Finally, I participated in the Lisbon Academy in June, where I co-organised a workshop on Gender and Diversity. I am in the middle of relocating to Prishtina, and with the aim to join the local DiEMers, I’m looking forward to helping expand our movement there.
Jordi Ayala Roqueta ♂ – 1071 (29%)

I have been around DiEM25 since the very beginning when I was invited to the talk about DiEM25’s economic analysis and policy framework in the launching of the movement in 2016 in Berlin. It was extraordinary to gather together with so many activists and so much energy. Since then I have been focused in Barcelona as the economic CEO of the City Council where we have been able to put into practice some of the policies DiEM25 defends in Europe like a progressive fiscal policy, rising taxes an extra 6% to the wealthiest; the issue of the first local green and social 35 million euros bond in Spain; a new and strict fiscal fraud control that has already made appear more than 70 million euros; and a new budget and financial transparent web with all the information at the maximum detail. We have also promoted the small and medium enterprise especially including the cooperative and social economy opening the traditionally opaque public procurement and increasing in more than 6% the number of suppliers. All these policies need to be applied in Europe and DiEM25 can be the tool.

While the following candidates did not win election to the CC this time around, we thank them all for participating and hope they’ll continue working with us. DiEM25 needs you and your commitment to make our movement better!
Runner-up candidates: Costanza Sciubba Caniglia (29%), Rosanna Martens (27%), Fotini Bakadima(25%), Dolores Bajo Alonso (25%), Silvia Terribili (23%), Andrea Pisauro (22%), Jacques Terrenoire (22%), Eirini Mítsiou (21%), Eleonora Vasques (21%), Pawel Wargan (21%), Nikos Vakolidis (20%), Michele Fiorillo (20%), *Nicolas Dessaux (19%), Brice Montagne (18%), Jochen Schult (17%), Rodanthi Aristea Bairaktari (17%), Aleksandar Novakovic (14%), Germinal Pinalie (14%), Ioannis Manomenidis (13%), Christos Dellasoudas (11%), Georgios Gokas (11%), Dimitris Gkomozias(10%).
The power of grassroots
By making their voices heard in this pivotal internal democratic process, our members have sent a loud message to the status quo: at DiEM25 we really mean it when we say that we believe in grassroots power!
This is exemplified by the 34 DiEMers who ran for a seat in the CC [twice as many as in 2018!], as they all represent the pan-European, grassroots essence of our movement: women and men from very different backgrounds and countries, and from across the political spectrum. They all stand together ready to fight for the movement we all believe in. No other political organisation can pride itself on this level of openness and inclusivity, at such an international scale.
Background to the vote
Following DiEM25’s Validating Council’s decision 2, all 12 seats in the movement’s CC were up for renewal this summer. Candidates could send their submissions from July 8 until August 10, and the voting period, which started on August 13, ended at midnight on August 28.
Candidacies to the CC were open to all DiEMers who adhered to basic criteria like how long they have been a member of the movement, and how much time they could give to working on the CC, among others.
Similarly, to ensure transparency and a genuine democratic process, voting was open to members that joined the movement before June 1. Additionally, members’ accounts needed to be verified and active, for them to be able to vote.
As with all DiEM25’s internal democratic procedures, all transnational votes had equal value and were anonymised upon being cast. Furthermore, the results of the vote are in line with our OP’s gender-balance principles.
Carpe DiEM!

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