Statement on the UK government’s decision to approve Julian Assange’s extradition to the US

No words can express the significance of the precedent that was set today by UK Home Secretary Priti Patel in approving Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States. It is both a violation of Julian’s human rights, and an assault on freedom of the press, freedom of expression and, ultimately, democracy itself.

After an already unconscionable three years in Belmarsh prison in London, a period in which his health has deteriorated considerably, Julian now faces up to 175 years behind bars in the US – an example to all those who may have the audacity to reveal the American government’s crimes, as he courageously did.

We are outraged, but not defeated. Even if the UK High Court confirms Patel’s decision, DiEM25, the Progressive International and all others who stand for justice and democracy will take the fight to save Assange’s life onto American soil. We will call on activists, journalists, politicians of conscience and civil society groups to shift the pressure onto the US government and justice system.

Our demand remains the same as ever: Free. Julian. Assange.

Assange’s fight against extradition from the UK isn’t over yet. Sign and send a pre-written letter to Boris Johnson now asking him to prevent Assange from being sent to the US.

Send our letter to Boris Johnson now!


Support Assange by organising an action in your local area

Julian Assange’s life is in danger and, at this crucial moment, we call on all DiEM25 local collectives to take to the streets of European cities on his birthday, Sunday July 3, to call for his freedom.

We ask you to print and use the Assange masks (PDFs provided below), take your DiEM25 banner(s) and make as much noise as you can in your town or city. If possible, we recommend you organise your action(s) in front of the UK embassy in your country.

What to do

  1. Print out a mask in your language. The masks can also handed out as flyers to the public. We recommend printing on DiN A4 200g paper double-sided. 
  1. Mobilise people in your Local Collective / your local area and take your DiEM25 banner (if you have one) out to the centre of your town or city or straight to the UK embassy.
  2. Action Wear your mask and stand in solidarity, demanding the release of Julian Assange! Make sure to distribute the masks as flyers to passers-by, to spread the word of DiEM25 and our fight for Assange.
  3. Alternatively Create your own We Are Millions exhibition by printing out the following materials.
  4. Document Make sure to take photographs and videos and post them on your Local Collective social media using #DiEM25 and #FreeAssange, or send them to our Comms team at [email protected].

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