DiEM25 returns to Berlin

Start cooking, the recipe will follow!

Start cooking, the recipe will follow!

This is what our Advisory Panel member Brian Eno said at DiEM25’s launch about the way of democratising the EU and ushering in an era of humanism, progressive politics and visions for our continent and beyond.
Two years later, I’m happy to say we’re cooking with many pots:

  • Over 100 DiEM25 Spontaneous Collectives (DSCs) have formed all over Europe and beyond
  • Our recently-launched Thematic Working Groups are helping to develop the policy content for our movement
  • We have established our electoral wing, which will make transnational party politics a reality
  • Our movement is growing together from below, thanks to the efforts of all active members

At the same time, the political establishment continues to stumble, appeasing the autocrats and punishing citizens claiming their democratic rights, in Catalonia, at the G20 summit and elsewhere.
2018 will be an opportunity for DIEM25 and all progressive Europeans to change the current political structures responsible for the disintegration of the EU.
The question now is how can we establish structures in DIEM25 that can bring about the democratic change we all hope and long for? How can we fit together the Electoral and Movement Wings of our organisation in a way that is productive for both? With which other progressive organisations should we band together, and how?
To look back at the recipe we have developed and to plan the menu for 2018 and beyond, we are happy to invite you to our birthday celebration from February 9 to February 11 in Berlin, exactly two years after the founding of our movement at Volksbühne Berlin!
While the Volksbühne has been taken over, the seeds we’ve sown have developed and our activists on the ground have organised a humble, yet inspiring celebration to which you are warmly invited:
Friday, February 9: DiEM25’s 2-year celebration party
9pm — 3am at Freudenzimmer in Berlin Kreuzberg (Mehringdamm 61). Entrance fee: 5 €
We still need DJanes and DJs who want to present their style for half an hour. Our motto is diversity. You don’t have to be a professional. Always wanted to present your favourite kind of music to a friendly crowd? Now’s your chance!
Please send a mail to [email protected] with your DJ name and a short description of the musical style you want to present, and we’ll get straight back to you.
Saturday, February 10: Future Structures
11am – 6pm: Parallel workshops at Campus Technical University Berlin

  • 11am:Creative resistance (DSC Berlin) and Urban movements (DSC Belgrade)
  • 2pm:Green transition (DSCs Hamburg, Copenhagen, Munich) and Liquid democracy – a chance for DiEM25? (DSC Berlin/Democracy Lab)
  • 4:30pm:Electoral wing (CC & German NC) and technology pillar (Renata Avila and Christoph Schneider)

Instead of doing a separate diversity workshop we would like to bring the issue of diversity and feminism into all workshops. Throughout the day we will strive to ensure equal chance of participation for all and constructive discussions.
6.30pm – 8pm: Communal dinner
8pm – 10pmFuture Structures
Panel and fishbowl discussion with DiEM25 Coordinating Collective (CC) members, Agnieszka Wiśniewksa and Srećko Horvat, as well as Angela Richter, Thomas Seibert (requested) and many more. We’ll discuss topics like:

  • How will the electoral wings and the movement coexist and bring the change we need?
  • The case of Germany: How to change the political direction of Europe’s powerhouse

Sunday, February 11Brunch, hangouts and working sessions, Q+As
11am – till it ends:
During and after our brunch we will dive deeper into topics like How to build a DSC?, the European New Deal, and Communications.
DiEM25 and DSC members, some of newly elected NCs and CC members will be present to talk and kickstart our plans for 2018, or have a laugh and end this birthday in the best way possible.
Logistics: Eating, drinking and sleeping, registration, disclaimer
Organic, regional, vegetarian food, as well as coffee and tea will be provided on Saturday (lunch and dinner) and Sunday (brunch) for a total fee of 20 €.
If you need a place to sleep, we will do our best to organise one for you.
If you want to eat, sleep or are simply joining please let us know and write to [email protected]
The entire event is organised by our activists in Berlin and elsewhere, who do not earn anything for it. All money is used to pay for expenses or will be reinvested in the DSC1 Berlin or DiEM25.
Hope to see you all there!
Carpe DiEM!

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