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For some time now, a debate has been raging among members regarding DiEM25’s possible direct or indirect involvement in elections. Should we? Shouldn’t we? If yes, in what capacity? How can we become involved in elections without losing our ‘movement character’ and our capacity to converse and influence existing parties through dialogue? How can our mission of deepening democracy be made compatible with the rather superficial act of fielding candidates?
During the summer, DiEM25’s Coordinating Collective (CC), DSCs (local groups) and members in general have submitted their input to this debate, with the great diversity of opinion that is DiEM25’s trademark. Among ourselves the question now is: How do we move beyond mere debating towards reaching a decision?
This question has become all the more pressing after the recent German election which, without a shadow of a doubt, killed off the last remaining hope of a federalist democratic push by the Macron-Merkel duo, the deep establishment’s last hope. This is the right time for DiEM25 to respond.
The CC, in our regular meeting that took place on Saturday, September 23 via teleconference, noted that time is running short. Too many windows of opportunity are closing too quickly. If DiEM25 is to make any impact on the 2019 pan-European (EP) elections; if DiEM25 is to live up to its inaugural commitment to act before Europe disintegrates (before 2025?); if we are to keep open the fast-closing window of opportunity for redressing climate change or the wholesale dominance of xenophobia… we must decide soon. In this context, the CC proposes the following process:
Step 1: CALL FOR OPTIONS. Deadline: October 20, 2017
Members, DSCs and PNCs are invited to submit brief, specific proposals (that may of course be accompanied by longer explanatory texts) on DiEM25’s electoral presence to be presented to members in an all-member vote.
To kickstart the process, the CC took into account all previous discussions and created a proposal as follows:

CC PROPOSAL: That DiEM25 will not turn itself into a political party but, rather, seeks to register (as one of its many instruments and initiatives) an ‘electoral wing’; a genuinely transnational party organisation in as many European countries as possible. These organisations would not be independent but bound to the movement’s internal votes. Whether and where DiEM25’s ‘electoral wing’ contests elections will be decided by DiEM25 all-member voting on a case-by-case basis and in accordance with DiEM25’s Manifesto, Organisational Principles and the policy document entitled ‘NOT JUST ANOTHER POLITICAL PARTY‘.


Electoral Wing
To share and discuss your proposals or that of the CC go to our forum or a discussion group of your choice. Once you have a final version of your proposal (must be votable, not a stream of thoughts!), send it to us via this form. Note that Oct 20 is the final deadline, so we recommend that you plan to submit your proposal via the form by Oct 15, lest any last-minute delays prevent you from making your voice heard on time.
Step 2: VOTING. Date: November 1, 2017
Between the deadline for option submissions (October 20) and November 1, the CC undertakes to collate (if necessary) the various responses into vote-able counter-proposals to that of the CC above, as well as to amend its own proposal in view of the feedback. Then, on November 1, 2017, our internal all-member voting process will commence with at least two options on the menu: The (amended) CC proposal (see above), a NO ELECTORAL PARTICIPATION option, and other options that will be put forward by members (as collated by the CC).
Step 3: Possible 2nd round of VOTING. Date: November 8, 2017
If the first vote does not yield one option that attracts 50%+1 of voting members, a second runoff round will ensue.
As our second anniversary is approaching, this is a decision that we must make, as always, collectively and after we consider fully all views and available evidence.
Thank you for guiding and enriching our movement’s momentous next steps!
Carpe DiEM!
>>DiEM25 Coordinating Collective

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