Noam Chomsky, Rosemary Bechler, Laurent de Sutter and Brian Eno become advisers to DiEM25

We’re thrilled to announce the following additions to our Advisory Panel (AP), the team which advises DiEM25 and facilitates the implementation of its aims:
Noam Chomsky — Born in Philadelphia on December 7, 1928, Noam is regarded as the father of modern linguistics. He has authored over 100 books on topics in his field and on issues of dissent and U.S. foreign policy. Noam currently holds a joint appointment as Institute Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Laureate Professor at the University of Arizona. Here’s what he had to say about joining our Advisory Panel:

“Very pleased to join the DiEM25 Advisory Panel, an honor and privilege.  Europe should be playing a significant constructive role in world affairs.  Serious flaws in the design of the EU and policy errors are among the factors that have prevented this from taking place.  DiEM25, in my opinion, offers the best hope for preserving what is valuable in European integration and overcoming the severe problems that have undermined its prospects, including the hope to be the leading participant in a progressive international that will combat and overcome dark forces that are plaguing much of the world.”

Rosemary Bechler —Mainsite editor of openDemocracy and editor of Can Europe make it?. For DiEM25 she co-edited with David Adler, A Vision for Europe, Eris, (May, 2019). She was an elected member of our Coordinating Collective and is at present a member of the National Collective in the UK. Here’s what she had to say about joining our Advisory Panel:

“DiEM25 is a vital creative force in pan-European politics and beyond, at a time when the Nationalist International and anti-politics are rampant. I am proud to have been involved in its formative  years, and hope to contribute to its flourishing, alongside so many dedicated and ambitious thinkers and activists.”

Laurent de Sutter — Laurent de Sutter, born on 24 December 1977 in Brussels, is a French-speaking Belgian philosopher. He is Professor of legal theory at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and a member of the Scientific Council of the International College of Philosophy. Here’s what he had to say about joining our Advisory Panel:

“DiEM25 is the most credible radical alternative out there, for those who want serious changes in a world facing environmental, political, economical and social collapse. I’m thankful for the confidence put in me by DiEM25 members as a newly appointed member of its Advisory Panel. I will do all that is in my power to make this count and help DiEMers in their fight.”

Brian Eno — Brian Eno was involved with DiEM25 from the very beginning and has been an elected member of our Coordinating Collective. At the launch of DiEM25 in 2016 he famously stated “Start cooking, recipe to follow!”. Brian is an original and influential musician. He began his career playing synth with Roxy Music in the 1970s and has produced music for acts including David Bowie, Talking Heads, U2 and Coldplay. In everything he does his goal is to overturn established ways of thinking and spark creativity, whether in the world of music or in his political activism.
The 37-strong Advisory Panel includes two-time Palme d’Or film director Ken Loach, UK Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, renowned philosopher Slavoj Žižek and award-winning journalist, writer, film-maker and activist, Naomi Klein. See full line-up here.

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