Feminists of the world, unite!

On International Women’s Day, DiEM25’s Julijana Zita gives us her take on the crucial role feminism should play beyond just women’s rights.

More than ever, feminism needs to be a political safe haven for marginalised groups, where rights are equal across the board. Fighting for equal rights, especially gender rights, is the foundation of feminism, but in the face of these tumultuous times, its goals and ambition must go beyond that.

The planet is in urgent need of taking a leap forward. While the public remains caught up in geopolitical chattering, the feminist in all of us must remain focused on peace and the prevention of any war.

It’s the voice of the feminist that should intervene and remind everyone of compassion and justice, without compromise. Furthermore, it is the whole system on which feminists should cast a cynical eye.

Beyond our daily fight against the patriarchal structures, exploitation, discrimination, oppression, austerity and wars should be our biggest enemies, as well. These are not just the roots of people‘s – especially women’s – suffering worldwide, but also parts of ideologies that we must unmask for what they are, a harm to life itself.

Feminists cannot stop at their own liberation anymore. Almost all people and all animals need liberation from the shackles of boundless capitalism and an elitist system. In order to build a world that is peaceful and just for all individuals, we all need to be united to overcome our common struggles.

It is always good to see, when people have an open heart towards any group that is in a critical situation, but there are so many groups who don’t receive any solidarity. Who, if not feminists, should have empathy with all of the powerless souls in need of so many basic things?

Many in the so-called ‘Western world’ seem to not even care about their own destiny, as long as life treats them well in the present and, unfortunately, that arrogance will only continue to hurt others.

In the 21st century, feminism should be a fundamental part of any movement or party with an honest concern about people’s struggles. Feminists should not just be something we call ourselves, but should express what morals and ethics on which we base our decisions.

If all feminists unite and demand a clean world, where the standards of living are high for everyone and not just for the few, a utopic vision could come become reality.

Even more so during such difficult times, it is crucial to aspire for peace, freedom, prosperity and equality to everyone. Happy International Women’s Day!

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