The European Spring is arriving in Frankfurt on October 26!

The European Spring will arrive in Frankfurt am Main on October 26, 2018, to mark the beginning of the democratisation of Europe in Germany.
After the alliance of eight European partners had already met in Naples (1st Council Meeting), Lisbon (2nd Council Meeting), Paris (3rd Council Meeting) and Warsaw (European Spring Launch), the 4th official Council Meeting will now take place in Frankfurt – the city of finance and home of the European Central Bank, a place where everything may have begun?
The domination of the financial sector over states, people and even our continent is no longer just a rumour. It is reflected in paralysed governments that are shying away from taking the courageous step of regulating this sector, thereby depriving Europe of the opportunity to emerge from the perpetual crisis.
There is also an urgent need to create a European labour market of equal opportunities based on the moral standard that all people across our diverse continent can live a meaningful life without fear and suffering.
However, an ethical approach in politics, in the current situation, will unfortunately be sought in vain. From the point of view of the political stakeholders people are, above all, voters. As harmless as this difference may seem at first sight, one can simply become a voter through a single action which is voting. Though, being human is manifesting itself in its characteristics and needs in a much more complex way. Perhaps that is why the “homo sapiens” is the most unpopular target group in the political landscape.
The practice of democracy today continues to be emotionally influenced by disinformation, idealisation and hollow populism. Rage elections and protest elections increasingly result in protagonists spreading fear and agony as a permanent concept. They end up in bizarre excesses of already failed ideologies which rather seem like a bad joke or a parody of past decades.
European Spring, called “europäischer Frühling” in German, is the alliance of people who enter the political stage together – beyond national borders – in order to implement, as Europeans, their human rights, their free development of personality and their right to a sustainable living space. We do not need to fight in resistance. We only need to break our own internal resistance which makes us believe that there is no way of freeing ourselves from the on-going crisis. It is obvious that a certain established circle seeks to ensure self-preservation by promoting nationalist, fascist ideologies and by keeping Europe stuck in an unscrupulous system. In the end it aims at even taking away from us a peaceful future with endless possibilities of the 21st century.
The goal is clear; the European Spring has set itself the mission of adopting a new approach, making a new beginning in our European society. Its political programme “A New Deal for Europe” and the integration of more people, parties and organisations will be the way.
At this 4th Council Meeting we will also have the pleasure to welcome two new partners, Nouvelle Donne from France and Actúa from Spain.
We cordially invite you to attend our event in Frankfurt am Main on Friday, October 26, to convince yourselves of the dynamics and the credibility of this alliance. The toxic system of the current political structure in Brussels must be abolished, together, step by step, in order to provide the conditions  for equitable participation of men and women in a humanist Europe.
Julijana Zita
Diem25 / Mitglied im Vorstand Demokratie in Europa
Translated from German to English, by Luisa Barbas (NC DiEM25 Germany)
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DiEM25Demokratie in EuropaMeRA25demAGeneration-sRazemlivrealternativetDemokratie in BewegungActúa und  Nouvelle Donne
>> Organisational team
DiEM25: Julijana Zita & Raphael Zikesch,
Demokratie in Bewegung: Claudia Trapp & Johanna Hansen

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