DiEM25 prepares to compete in elections

Candidates to the Catalan Parliament endorse DiEM25's objectives

For the upcoming elections to the Catalan Parliament on December 21st, our members in Catalonia have followed the example of France’s parliamentary elections and Germany’s federal elections and prepared a letter for any progressive candidate to endorse our ideals and objectives, which may be the first step towards a broad progressive alliance in Catalonia.

This is the letter sent to all progressive candidates:

As signatories of this letter, we commit to work for the following objectives during the next term:

  1. In Catalonia we have a mobilized and politically active citizenship. We demand greater citizen participation in political decision-making. We will promote maximum transparency in our institutions, according to internationally recognized indicators, such as the publication of all parliamentary, economic, financial, and governmental activity in their websites, ease to access information for citizens, being subject to regular external audits and the establishment of an Ethical and Conduct Code. We will expose the presence and activities of lobbies in the Government and we will protect whistleblowers.
  2. We want a European Union of human rights that demonstrates strong unity in the accomplishment of all established asylum agreements, that guarantees legal and safe routes, and works to guarantee an appropriate welcome to those who had to flee from their countries. And we frontally reject the fortress EU that engenders death and suffering to those who seek protection, criminalizes the newcomer, and promotes false identity conflicts and the institutionalization of the xenophobic far right.
  3. We need a new economic policy, a European New Deal, which puts an end to the unworthy power of banking and finance, ends the tyranny of debt, cause of the austerity policies and the impoverishment of many Europeans. Which puts an end to tax havens and financial speculation. An economic policy at the service of an economic system that fosters sustainable production and that guarantees that all the citizens can access basic goods like housing, food, and energy.
  4. We will work to put an end to the crises of unemployment and deregulation of labor conditions, and that our young won’t be forced to emigrate for a decent wage. We will boost new economic measures that adapt the labor market to the new technological revolution, such as a universal basic income or a reduction in weekly working hours.
  5. We will take care of our land and our environment, fostering an ecologic transition to stop climate change and revert the damage done by massive pollution. For this reason, we consider fundamental a change in the consumption model towards renewable and sustainable energy sources, the recovery for the citizens of the sources of generation and supply of basic goods and the open access to scientific research.
  6. We will boost the digitalization of our economy and our public administrations as a tool to develop and empower our society, under the principles of technological sovereignty and respect to individual rights and liberties in the digital environment.
  7. We will encourage a constituent process in Europe that democratizes the European Union, submitting it to serve the citizenship, and where sovereignty is distributed between the municipal, regional, state, and European levels depending on criteriums of efficiency and closeness to the citizens.
  8. The Catalonia crisis is a chance for Europe to redefine the concepts of sovereignty, state, and European democracy. We will work to make the voices of regions be heard in Europeans institutions and we will propose a political solution that resolves the Catalan territorial conflict by means of a juridically binding referendum in coordination with the European Union, as long as there is a social majority in votes that proposes it.

Signatories of the letter:

Name Party Position and province
Elisenda Alamany Gutiérrez Catalunya en Comú – Podem 2, Barcelona
Marta Ribas Frias Catalunya en Comú – Podem 4, Barcelona
David Cid Colomer Catalunya en Comú – Podem 7, Barcelona
Antoni Ribas Bravo Catalunya en Comú – Podem 15, Barcelona
Montserrat Mompió Gallart Catalunya en Comú – Podem 18, Barcelona
Marc Martorell Escofet Catalunya en Comú – Podem 39, Barcelona
Alba Molina Serrano Catalunya en Comú – Podem 42, Barcelona
César Sierra Noguera Catalunya en Comú – Podem 54, Barcelona
Miguel Comino Haro Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya (PSC – PSOE) 65, Barcelona

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