DiEM25 craves your energy! If you can volunteer for DiEM25 it is essential to contact us so we can coordinate your contribution. Preferably you already name your field of expertise and interest in the mail.

Volunteering does cover all practical work done to support the efforts of our movement. Please choose the type of volunteering you are interested in below.

Translation and subtitling

Are you somebody that can speak and write in several languages? We want to communicate in as many European languages as possible and need your help. Contact us

Copywriting and editing

Are you a writer and/or editor that enjoys reporting on current issues? We want you to write for our website to include your perspective. Contact us

Press and Communications

Are you a PR or social media expert? We need to stay in close contact with the press and media all across the continent and spread our message via social media. Contact us

Graphic and Video Design

Do you have video or graphic design skills? We need you, because our visuals are essential, when communicating with the world. Contact us


Do you have expertise in an area of policy-making? We want to build our Progressive Agenda for Europe from the bottom up. Contact us

Grassroots Activism

Do you want to be active in your local community, participating in events and actions? Become active with other members in a local DiEM25 Spontaneous Collective. Find out more


Do you want to contribute to specific topics with fellow thinkers and activists across borders? Become active with other members in a thematic DiEM25 Spontaneous Collective. Find out more


Do you want to help build up a party, including its national programme? Join one of our electoral wings. Contact us


Can you help in any other way? Get inspired by our groups

Volunteer groups each have their own coordinators that are responsible for the work of the group. As a part of their role, they are in contact with the DiEM25 Volunteer Coordinator (Ex-Officio to the Coordinating Collective). All volunteer groups follow DiEM25’s Code of Conduct.

Thank you for investing time in DiEM25. It is our collective efforts that make the difference!