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Boris Johnson is gone – now let the Tories go too


Real change in the United Kingdom can only come once the UK has a people’s government

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With or without Boris Johnson, real political change in the UK is far away


Whether he staggers pointlessly on for another year, or a few weeks, the prospect of any replacement grasping the urgencies looks dim at best

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Varoufakis: Grounded Rwanda asylum flight a win for humanism


A late ruling by the European Court of Human Rights stepped in to overrule the move, putting a halt to the UK government’s dangerous plan

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Jeremy Corbyn discusses Ukraine, Greece, Brexit, NHS and Labour Party ahead of participation at MeRA25 Congress


Interview with Jeremy Corbyn ahead of his participation at MeRA25 Congress: Ukraine, Brexit, Greece, the NHS, Labour Party and more!

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Parties for the 1%, tight rules for the 99% – Boris Johnson and the Tories’ double standards


'The 1% do as they wish while the 99% suffer as they must' seems to be the new slogan of the Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson.

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Your NHS Needs You!


Join the movement to stop the bill and re-nationalise the NHS today! Visit for more information.

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COP26: Johnson & Extinction vs Progress


Taken as a whole, Boris Johnson’s proposed UK NDC (Nationally Determined Contribution) bears no resemblance to what is necessary.

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The War on Terror is put on trial in London through the Belmarsh Tribunal — October 22


ANNOUNCING: The Belmarsh Tribunal. On October 22, we will put the War on Terror on trial. Register to attend online!

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Informed opinion carves a new democratic path for Bristol


UK Councillor Paula O’Rourke explains how Bristol’s citizens’ assembly is helping them to build back better.

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