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Government and police side with fascists in Montenegro


During the country’s Statehood Day, there was a peaceful celebration of antifascists. Yet police opted to defend the fascists who interrupted ...

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People’s Gatherings are taking place across Europe: Join the conversation!


If you are based in Serbia, Belgium or the UK, you can partake in Gatherings to discuss the key issues facing your country today.

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Next year in Jerusalem: The Serbian Embassy and Kosovo go on pilgrimage with Trump


For the general populations, the Kosovo-Serbia moratorium agreement offers a lose-lose with lasting negative international consequences.

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DiEM25 condemns Aleksandar Vučić’s violent takedown of Serbian protesters


Serbian progressive organisations and political parties, including DiEM25 local groups in Novi Sad and Belgrade, are demanding the immediate ...

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The EU turns a blind eye to Serbia’s rigged elections


Voter fraud and coercion guarantees the continuation of Aleksandar Vučić’s regime in the latest Serbian election.

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New DiEM25 local collective in Novi Sad, Serbia


As the newly formed local collective in Serbia, DSC Novi Sad is open to anyone who wants to get acquainted with DiEM25.

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Defend Assange – defend freedom of speech!


Join us on Wednesday, June 12 at 6PM on Đlato Đoke Vještice to fight for free speech. Unfreedom of one of us is unfreedom of all!

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DiEM25 condemns attacks on art in Serbia

DiEM25 members condemn attacks on art in Serbia


There can be no political freedom without artistic freedom.

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