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"DiEM25's European New Deal demands electoral expression", Yanis Varoufakis tells journalists


DiEM25 co-founder outlines how the movement plans to take its economic programme - launching tomorrow - to the people of Europe.

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DiEM25 joins global call to #freeassange


DiEM25 will be present at various participating cities, such as Brussels, Madrid and Berlin.

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John McDonnell and DiEM25 link-up for a democratic Europe


Labour’s Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, John McDonnell has now added his unequivocal support for the principles advanced by DiEM25.

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DiEM25 Takes on Europe's Failed Response to the Inflow of Migrants and Refugees


DiEM25 chooses Vienna as the hotspot where European democrats will meet to address: The EU’s shameful response to the refugee crisis How a ...

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As night falls over Paris, #NuitDebout and DiEM25 join forces to rage against the dying of the light


Greece’s former Minister of Finance and DiEM25 founder is scheduled to address the movement this evening at Place de la République PARIS, ...

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Press release: DiEM25 Takes European Institutions to Task on Transparency


DiEM25 breaks ground in Italy with its first Assembly to promote its ‘Transparency in Europe Now!’ campaign – a “prerequisite to Europe’s ...

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Eu-Turkey Deal

Press Statement: Condemning European Summit’s Preliminary Accord to Expel Refugees to Turkey


DiEM25, the Democracy in Europe Movement, strongly condemns the preliminary agreement reached during last night’s European Union Summit, ...

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