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Corruption? That’s insensitive. It’s called lobbying now


The Uber files remind us that the elite treats public office as an audition for corporate jobs

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E56: The Establishment and the far-right: Two sides of the same coin?


History is repeating itself, as Macron is facing off against Le Pen in the French presidential elections

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Macron and Le Pen: A growing co-dependence


The comfortable re-election of French president Emmanuel Macron against an opponent with whom he shares a mutual dislike almost obscures a ...

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DiEM25 Coordinating Collective’s position on French presidential election first round


As France gets set for the first round of its presidential election, the DiEM25 Coordinating Collective explains why it is backing Mélenchon

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Academic freedom in the context of France’s new approach to ‘separatism’


DiEM25 expresses support for the fight of French academics and invites signatures for the appeal on the protection of academic freedoms.

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News from Turkey: Regional wars, boycotts and COVID-19


As political, economic and social problems are deepening, COVID-19 conditions have caused heightened restrictions to be implemented. 

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Policies of hate and intolerance must not be allowed to take centre-stage


Macron and Erdoğan, along with their contemporaries who prefer harsh words and confrontational actions, are paving a dangerous road for humanity.

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Police force hospital staff to take off their white coats at anti-austerity protest


In France, protests were held by hospital staff who called citizens who had been applauding them from their balconies to support their demands.

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French organisations support healthcare staff in calling for a demonstration on 16 June


The World After Coronavirus can only be built when we rally behind an alternative to capitalism.

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