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Civil liberties in Greece are reserved for the elites


The Greek government's handling of Yiannis Michailidis' case demonstrates its double standards on human rights

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Following EU practices and other eco-myths


On environmental policies, the EU must mediate this process through citizens' assemblies and activists, not careerists and lobbyists

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A brown day for Europe


Gas and nuclear energy are being painted green, but we will not stop in our efforts to bring about a genuine renewable energy transition

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Sweden and Finland joining NATO will not make Europe safer


The interests of common people can only be served by a new Non-Aligned Movement

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Jeremy Corbyn discusses Ukraine, Greece, Brexit, NHS and Labour Party ahead of participation at MeRA25 Congress


Interview with Jeremy Corbyn ahead of his participation at MeRA25 Congress: Ukraine, Brexit, Greece, the NHS, Labour Party and more!

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EU authoritarianism: Two sides of the same coin


The far-right and the neoliberal Establishment. Why does the European Council want to punish one while cheering on the other?

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DiEMers in Italy stage flashmob to launch Lavoro Se, a movement to retake our labour rights


On Thursday April 28, DiEMers in Italy staged a flashmob to launch Lavoro Se, a movement to retake control of our labour rights

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Ukrainian refugees and the others


While the rush to facilitate Ukrainian refugees is admirable, it begs the question as to why the same is not done for everyone else in need

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Russian invasion of Ukraine: Causes and consequences


In order to understand the conflict in Ukraine, we must first reflect on the history of the tug-of-war between Russia and the West

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