mέta: A Progressive and International Art and Research Centre

mέta: the Centre for Postcapitalist Civilisation is the international arts and culture platform for DiEM25, coordinating with MeRA25 and the Progressive International. Through art and research, argument, and poetry, mέta strives to help society to break with a dismal present to imagine the world anew – to grasp our present historical moment to pave the way to a world worth fighting and living for. To investigate and explore how art has the capacity to make us think and imagine, can effect change — if not the world as a whole, then at least people’s perceptions and dispositions. How it can criticise and challenge, make us see reality with fresh eyes revealing hidden perspectives, and disclose issues to us that are kept secret or are distorted due to economic and political interests.

With DiEM25’s ideas and mission at the forefront, mέta engages in the diagnostics of our current era and formulates a vision for a post-capitalist future via the medium of arts, and by becoming a platform for performances, campaigns, talks, and conversations.

mέta gallery

mέta gallery is an online exhibition space, featuring artwork by DiEM25 members, who responded to open calls to contribute to DiEM25’s campaigns. 

One of the featured exhibitions in the gallery, focuses on calling for the freedom of DiEM25’s Advisory Panel member Julian Assange. Visit Raise your voice for Assange gallery, where you can see all the contributions to the campaign made from artists across the globe!

meta arts TV

mέta arts is an online TV programme dedicated to all things relating to art and politics, featured on DiEM TV (A radically hopeful and constructive Television programme)

Previously known as Voice TV the show is dedicated to bringing together artists, cultural workers and creatives alike to discuss significant political issues of our times. Watch this space, for the spring/ summer programme!

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